Performance figures for language quality

Readability and language quality are measurable. With TextLab, we use scientific methods to bring the highest quality to your business.

TextLab provides an objective assessment of your documents according to linguistic criteria and statistics. Terminology management and the ability to manipulate standard blocks of text become elementary.

We use TextLab to analyse and optimise your documents. That allows us to use a unified language standard and objective measurements of quality control.

TextLab is also directly available to consumers. Over 30,000 employees at over 200 businesses already have access to our user-friendly software.

TextLab Software

TextLab is a licensed software solution. Whether over the Cloud or within your IT network, TextLab can be easily installed. Please contact us for details.

TextLab Online

TextLab ensures text quality at the push of a button. You can optimise your text effortlessly and at your convenience with TextLab Online.

TextLab Plug-In MS Word

TextLab is also available as a plug-in for Microsoft Word. This allows you to test and optimise your writing wherever you work.

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