Scientifically-based and real-world tested

We employ a series of scientific methods to assess your documents. Depending on the task and end goal, we choose appropriate measures to bring you the best final text.

TextLab Software

TextLab software examines texts in English and German using a series of linguistic criteria: it measures readability indices, various language standards and aspects of text quality.

TextLab analyses provide immediate, objective ratings for readability and overall writing quality.

You can also use TextLab throughout the drafting process for text analysis, for revision purposes, for individual terminology management, for quality control and for supporting your writers.

Expert Analysis

Our analysis service involves expert language reviews of your texts. Along with statistical readability assessments, we also provide feedback on the “soft” aspects of language: tone, consistency, structure, transitions, and logic. We’ll tell you where your writing is already strong and give you detailed advice for revision.

Readability User Test

Our readability user testing service involves a qualitative reader survey. This method has been employed throughout the EU for testing pharmaceutical packaging inserts for approval. But readability user testing feedback is valuable for assessing other documents as well.

Readability user testing allows us to see how well each document meets the needs of your target group. After reading your text, a panel of readers answers objective questions about content and subjective questions about perception. We examine how well a variety of readers understand your text, and how they perceive your tone and structure.

We can also test different versions of your text and ask participants for their recommendations. This allows us to include your target readers in the development process and ensures success in meeting your final goal.

Linguistic Validation

Our linguistic validation service allows us to test your translated texts directly with target groups in selected countries. This can be crucial, as some aspects of readability vary depending on cultural norms. We scrutinise texts for these differences so that we can produce effective translations.

Clinical research demands especially careful attention to such quality control efforts. We understand that patients and subjects may depend on this information to decide whether to participate in a trial. They may also depend on this communication to clearly understand what a health care professional may not have the time or ability to explain.

TextLab Benchmarking

You want not only clear text, but also a standard of quality for your documents? You want concrete guidelines for your text instead of abstract principles? And you want your text to be assessed using objective criteria instead of subjective decisions?

For years, we have been refining TextLab methods to optimise documents. We offer objective criteria for measuring your corporate language, development of benchmarks and guidelines, and a terminology management system for ongoing writing support.

01 Analysis

Our first step is to analyse your text. Through a combination of software analysis and expert analysis, we obtain a thorough overview of your document. We confirm its strengths and pinpoint areas for revision.

02 Optimising / Development

By systematically revealing weak areas, our analysis allows you to efficiently optimise your text. When developing new text or when revising existing text, we pay attention to comprehensibility, structure, orthography and tone. We write and format your text in accordance with relevant regulatory guidelines.

03 Terminology / Text blocks

By using our analysis and optimisation processes, we can identify technical terms, common phrases and often-used text blocks and save them in our database. With the push of a button you can reuse these optimised terms and phrases at any time. This helps your writing achieve consistent quality.

04 User Tests

To include your target audience in the text development process and, ultimately, better meet their needs, we offer user tests, including readability user testing and language validation.

05 Quality Control and Benchmarking

TextLab provides a way to constantly measure and rate your language. Key metrics allow you to define a gold standard for every document and for every target group. These metrics supply you with a solid database to set benchmarks for your text. You can immediately rate each text using your benchmarks, and repeat the analysis at any point during your writing process.

06 Guidelines and Software

All rules and standards of your corporate language can be set as guidelines. Or you can enter new rules, terminology and standard phrasing in TextLab and immediately test for language quality.

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