Patient-friendly and comprehensible text

For the last ten years we have been supporting businesses with their lay writing efforts. Our experience allows us to transform specialised communication, from pharmaceutical and insurance companies, banks or telecommunications companies, so that the intended message reaches the target reading group.

Now we are expanding our efforts to the medical arena. Along with writing and translating medical documents into lay-friendly texts, we can also assist businesses when facing other challenges of medical writing.

Our team and software deliver terminology management, texts that comply with regulatory standards, and translations in all EU languages.

Our unique software-based process delivers top quality and allows for objective analysis of your evolving and finished texts. This ensures that your writing efforts become not only more effective, but also more efficient.

We can measure language. And success.

What we do

Medical Text

We write your medical text with careful attention to accuracy, regulatory requirements, and accessible language for your target audience.

Lay Language 

We transform your medical text into lay-friendly language.


We translate your medical texts into all EU languages, and adhere to regulatory requirements from each country.

What makes us different …

What separates us from others? Simple question, simple answer: TextLab. TextLab software tests and improves your documents in the following areas: comprehensibility, tone, vocabulary and your unique corporate language. We use TextLab when we review or write your documents. That allows us to consistently improve the text and to show you the exact revisions we make.
TextLab is also available for your professional use. The software is already in use by over 30,000 employees in over 200 businesses. Several German universities and well-known research institutes also use TextLab for their scientific studies and research.


We take regulatory obligations into account as we improve and translate your documents. Your final product meets not only your readers’ needs, but also the standards set by health authorities.


Our success stems from two key principles: scientific development and real-world testing. We draw on readability and comprehensibility research and experience, and also on research in linguistics, medicine, psychology, and sociology.


Businesses know that corporate communication is costly. And only if the communication efforts are efficient do they become valuable. Our objective methods of tracking and rating language help businesses better manage and monitor measurable improvement.

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